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Public Health

Mission Statement

This commission will advise the NYSAFP BOD regarding public health matters to bring focused attention to the public health issues within our society. Given the known disparities for healthcare access for historically marginalized populations, this commission will work specifically with NYSAFP Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) commission to further public health goals with equity. The commission will continue to address public health obstacles within the unique constructs of urban and rural access to health resources.

Commission Members

Chair: Lisa Shapiro, DO
Vice Chair: Scott Hartman, MD
Advisor – Past President: Mark Josefski, MD
Member (3rd year): Varudhini Reddy, MD
Member (3rd year): Michele Reed, DO
Member (3rd year): Ryan Straseskie, MD
Member (3rd year): Kim Wilkins, MD
Member (3rd year): Justin Conway, MD
Member (2nd year): Bruce Ellsweig, MD
Member (2nd year): Cheryl Martin, MD
Member (2nd year): Linda Prine, MD
Member (2nd year): Patricia  Schnabel Ruppert, DO
Member (1st year): Tanya Kapka, MD
Member (1st year): Denise Octaviani, DO
Member (1st year): Anita Ravi, MD
Member (1st year): Paul Salzberg, MD
Resident: Joe Li, Do
Resident: Natasha Borrero, MD
Student: Veda Chandwani
Student: Linda Forrester
Student: Mathew Zahn
Student: Christine Hochen
Student: Niki Shahrrava
Student: Taaisa Vasilkova
Staff: Penny Ruhm