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Board Information

2023-2024 Board of Directors

President – Heather Paladine, MD
President-Elect – Rachelle Brilliant, DO
Vice President – Christine Doucet, MD
Secretary – Kristin Mack, DO
Treasurer – Dan Young, MD


Terms expire 2023
Keasha Guerrier, MD
Scott Hartman, MD
Jocelyn Young, DO*

Terms expire 2024
Lily Eisenberg, MD
Jane Simpson, DO
Wayne Strouse, MD

Terms expire 2025
Naz Khan, MD
Jiana Menendez, MD
Marten Peterson, MD

Speaker, Congress of Delegates – Thomas Molnar, MD
Vice Speaker, Congress of Delegates – Francis Faustino, MD
New Physician – Suganya Mahinthan, MD
Delegate to AAFP Downstate – Ray Ebarb, MD
Alt. Delegate to AAFP Downstate – Barbara Keber, MD
Delegate to AAFP Upstate – Marc Price, DO
Alt. Delegate to AAFP Upstate – Mark Josefski, MD
Delegate MSSNY – James Mumford, MD
Alternate Delegate MSSNY – Lily Eisenberg, MD
Immediate Past President – Andrew Symons, MD
Resident Representative Upstate – Eric Burdge, MD
Alternate Resident Representative Upstate – Irshad Ally, MD
Resident Representative Downstate – Aerial Petty, DO
Alternate Resident Representative Downstate – Lewis Wong, MD
Student Representative Upstate – Veda Chandwani
Alternate Student Representative Upstate – Cynthia Avalos
Student Representative Downstate – Naveed Nikpour
Alternate Student Representative Downstate – Aparna Raghu

Not on the Board of Directors
Student Delegate Upstate to COD – Aiden Gordy
Alternate Upstate Student Delegate to COD – Sean Mackey
Student Delegate Downstate to COD – Linda Forrester
Alternate Student Delegate Downstate to COD – Claudia Serna

Delegate to the AAFP National Student Congress – Pavit Suri
Alternate Delegate to the AAFP National Student Congress – Muriel Lavallee
Winter Weekend Student Rep(s) – Esther Viner

Resident Delegate to AAFP National Conference – Shikha Patel, DO
Alternate Resident Delegate to AAFP Nat’l Resident Congress – Shun Yan Leung, MD
Resident Winter Weekend Resident Rep(s) – Caleb Atkins, MD
Alternate Resident Winter Weekend Planning Committee – Amit Sharma, MD
Resident Outreach Chair – Shafi Rana, MD

Constitution / Bylaws / Business Documents

Please view our Governance page for documentation and more information.