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Board Information

2023-2024 Board of Directors

President – Rachelle Brilliant, DO
President-Elect – Christine Doucet, MD
Vice President – Wayne Strouse, MD
Secretary – Ani Bodoutchian, MD
Treasurer – Dan Young, MD


Terms expire 2025
Lily Eisenberg, MD
Jane Simpson, DO*
Chelsea Faso, MD

Terms expire 2026
Naz Khan, MD
Magarita De Federicis, MD
Marten Peterson, MD

Terms expire 2027
Aldo Alleva, MD
George Alvarez, MD
Wesley Ho, MD

Speaker, Congress of Delegates – Thomas Molnar, MD
Vice Speaker, Congress of Delegate – Francis Faustino, MD
New Physician – Suganya Mahinthan, MD
Delegate to AAFP Downstate – Ray Ebarb, MD
Alt. Delegate to AAFP Downstate – Barbara Keber, MD
Delegate to AAFP Upstate – Marc Price, DO
Alt. Delegate to AAFP Upstate – Mark Josefski, MD
Delegate MSSNY – James Mumford, MD
Alternate Delegate MSSNY – Lily Eisenberg, MD
Immediate Past President – Heather Paladine, MD
Resident Representative Upstate – Caleb Atkins, MD
Alternate Resident Representative Upstate – Irshad Ally, MD
Resident Representative Downstate – Joe Li, DO
Alternate Resident Representative Downstate – Regine Vincent, MD
Student Representative Upstate – Naziba Nuha
Alternate Student Representative Upstate – Eliana DeGlopper
Student Representative Downstate – Claudia Serna
Alternate Student Representative Downstate – Oluwafunke Kolawole

Not on the Board of Directors
Student Delegate Upstate to COD – Gabriela Miletsky
Alternate Upstate Student Delegate to COD – William St.Marie
Student Delegate Downstate to COD – Quinn Matos
Alternate Student Delegate Downstate to COD – Rachel Aideyan
Delegate to the AAFP National Student Congress – Naveed Nikpour
Alternate Delegate to the AAFP National Student Congress – Jaileessa Casimir
Winter Weekend Student Rep(s) – Jonathan Mashieh
Resident Delegate to AAFP National Conference – Lisa Feng, MD
Alternate Resident Delegate to AAFP Nat’l Resident Congress – Sarah Markland, DO
Resident Winter Weekend Resident Rep(s) – Eric Burdge, MD
Alternate Resident Winter Weekend Planning Committe – Bhavana Mani Sunkara, MBBS
Resident Outreach Chair – Richard Efem, MD
Resident DEI Liaison – Fatima Khan, MBBS
Resident Curriculum Chair – Brianna Sarowa, MD

Constitution / Bylaws / Business Documents

Please view our Governance page for documentation and more information.