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Mission Statement

This commission shall consider applications for membership and continuation of membership and investigate the qualifications of applicants.

It shall monitor county chapter activities and organize county chapters in areas where no such chapters exist.

It will identify and develop proposals for member benefits, review proposals by staff and implement any member benefits programs approved by the Board of Directors.

Commission Members

Chair: Ani Bodoutchian, MD
Vice Chair: William Klepack, MD
Advisor – Past President: Mark Krotowski, MD
Past President: Raymond Ebarb, MD
Member (3rd year): Lily (Kosminsky), Eisenberg, MD
Member (3rd year): Cheryl Mattern, MD
Member (3rd year): Altaf Shaik, MBBS
Member (2nd year): Sam Hash, MD
Member (2nd year): Puja Sharma, MD
Member (2nd year): James Corwin, MD
Member (2nd year): Amy Potter, MD
Member (1st year): Robert Anderson, MD
Member (1st year): Joel Attard, DO
Member (1st year): Jun David, MD
Resident: Lewis Wong, MD
Student: Adama Jalloh
Student: Eric Jon
Student: Nabiliah Nishat
Student: Mary Okoh
Staff: Donna Denley