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Mission Statement

The commission supports the continuing professional development and lifelong learning of family physicians, family medicine trainees, and members of the healthcare team. The Commission will strive for patient centered education and promotion of physician wellness with a focus on the Family Medicine core competencies.

Education Commission priorities include creating opportunities to expose students to the specialty of Family Medicine, assisting established and developing Family Medicine Residencies in the state, and innovating continued medical education.

As Family Medicine is a rapidly evolving and changing discipline, central to the mission of the Education Commission is to address those changes improving the practice of our members, the healthcare of our patients, and the health of our communities.

Commission Members

Chair: Jane Simpson, DO
Vice Chair: Francis Faustino, MD
Advisor – Past President: Robert Ostrander, MD
Member (3rd year): Robert Morrow, MD
Member (3rd year): Denise Octaviani, DO
Member (3rd year): Kate Baron, MD
Member (3rd year): Margarita De Federicis, MD
Member (2nd year): Mayur Rali, MD
Member (2nd year): Eugene Schiff, MD
Member (1st year): Rupal Bhingradia, MD
Member (1st year): Ephraim Back, MD
Member (1st year): Sam Sandowski, MD
Member (1st year): Marianna Worczak, MD
Resident: George Alvarez, MD
Student: Eric Burdge
Student: Caehla McGeady
Student: Alexandra Greenberg
Staff: Kelly Madden