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Mission Statement

The commission will maintain liaison with the legislative committee of the Medical Society of the State of New York and study legislation pertaining to medical affairs introduced in the state legislature and make such comments on each legislation as may advance the mission of the Academy.

This commission shall study and make recommendations on the delivery and payment of health care services, particularly the services of family physicians.

It will address issues such as health care delivery systems, technological developments affecting the delivery of health care services, the economics of medical practice, organizational and management plans, health manpower needs and production, and quality assurance/utilization systems.

It shall advise the Board of current problems, issues and trends affecting privileges of family physicians with hospitals and managed care plans, assist members in resolving privileges problems, and advise the Board and membership regarding actions to be considered in dealing with privilege problems.

Commission Members

Chair: Jiana Menendez, MD
Vice Chair: Chelsea Faso, MD
Advisor – Past President: Philip Kaplan, MD
Member (3rd year): Christina Maria Hamm, DO
Member (3rd year): Amogechukwu Okonkwo, MD
Member (3rd year): Suganya Mahinthan, MD
Member (3rd year):
Member (2nd year): Tonie McKenzie, MD
Member (2nd year): Cean Mahmud, MD
Member (2nd year): Alexis Harman, MD
Member (2nd year): Rebecca Markson, DO
Member (1st year): Margarita DeFedericis, MD
Member (1st year): Crystal Marquez, MD
Member (1st year): Allana Krolikowski, MD
Member (1st year): Resident Mattie (Martha) Renn, MD
Resident: Caleb Atkins, MD
Resident: Donna Smales, MD
Student: Sonya Chemouni Bach
Student: Aparna Raghu
Student: Shravya Gurrapu
Student: Niara Lezama
Staff: Marcy Savage