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New York State Association of Family Physicians
16 Sage Estates, Suite 202
Albany, NY 12204
Phone 518-489-8945
Email fp@nysafp.org


Vito F. Grasso
Executive Vice President

Donna C. Denley
Director of Finance

Kelly Madden
Director of Education

Penny Ruhm, MS
Journal Editor

Jill Walls
Director of Marketing, Promotion and Development


Marcy Savage
Government Relations Counsel (Contract)
Weingarten, Reid & McNally
One Commerce Plaza, Suite 402
Albany, NY 12210
Email: marcys@lobbywr.com
Phone: 518.465.7330
Fax: 518.465.0273

Lawrence Kobak, DPM JD , Frier & Levitt, LLC
M: (516) 410-2835; W: (516) 222-2407
Email lkobak@frierlevitt.com
101 Greenwich Street, Suite 8B
New York, NY 10006
Phone: 516-410-2835

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