Nine Reasons you Should Join NYSAFP

Check out the NYSAFP calendar and look for all  resident-related activities, labeled  yellow. Contact resident NYSAFP leaders at

Join us for a monthly webinar to hear about resident updates and opportunities at NYSAFP. Registation links at the bottom of the page.
Webinars occur on the first Tuesday of each month;  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Details and monthly agenda here.

Resident Chapter
16 Sage Estate, Albany, NY 12204

Contact your NYSAFP resident representatives for questions, ways to get involved, and more!
Dr. Jane Simpson, your Upstate Resident Representative, at
Dr. Kimberly Wilkins, your Alternate Resident Representative Upstate
Dr. Baaba Blankson, your Downstate Resident Representative at 
Dr. Patrick Newman. your Alternate Resident Representative Downstate 

 Click here to download "What is NYSAFP"  

How to Get Involved
Leadership Opportunities withing NYSAFP

  • Local and regional networking opportunities
  • Find a family physician mentor
  • Advocate for family medicine & our patients
  • Scholarship opportunities to attend conferences (see below)    

AAFP Residency Program Search
Jobs Board

Funding Opportunities:
NYSAFP offers scholarships that promote education in family medicine. 

  • National Conference - scholarships are awarded to residents and students wishing to attend the AAFP NC in August. The application for these $600 scholarships are  here.  To read what previous attendees thought of the conference, click here.
Patient information
American Academy of Family Physicians Patient Information Handouts

AAFP Resources for Residents

Search engines/ general info
Medmatrix: Online journals, search engines
Centers for Disease Control (CDC): MMWR & Guidelines, Travel immunizations

Online Medical Journals
American Family Physician
Emedicine: online texts
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Check out the NYSAFP calendar and look for all  resident-related activities, labeled  purple.

Future webinar registration links - 
Webinars discuss all things student and  resident-related, bring your questions, learn what NYSAFP can do for you. Some months have guided talks about various topics:

August 6  - "About NYSAFP & Cluster Debrief" regitrstion link here
September 3 "The Match, Letters of Recommendations" registration link here 
October 1 "The Breadth of Family Medicine" registration link here
November 5 registration link here
December 3 registration link here
January 7 registration link -coming soon
February 4 - "Lobby Day & Government Affairs 101" registration link -coming soon
March 3 - "COD Resolution Writing"registration link -coming soon

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