Public Health

Mission Statement
  1. This commission will advise the Board of Directors regarding public health matters to extend the reach, the delivery, and the effectiveness of public health within our society. More specifically the Commission, consistent with a balance between the rights of the individual and the needs of the community, will seek to identify gaps in the delivery of health care, recommend remedial action and promote a public health system and measures based on good science, common sense, practicality, and cost effectiveness.
  2. It will deal with health care of the aged and access to medical care by aged patients, work with the Commission on Education to help family practice residencies develop and implement a geriatric curriculum, and will advise the Board of Directors on geriatric educational programs.
  3. This commission will maintain dialogue on issues of medical ethics and develop policy and protocol and serve as a resource to the Academy and members on issues of medical ethics.
  4. This commission shall address the special issues of urban and rural health care.