Mission Statement
  1. This commission will be responsible for the management and operations of the Academy, including personnel, management information systems, contracts, leases, major purchases and issues submitted by the executive vice president.
  2. It will prepare an annual budget for the fiscal operation of the Academy and submit same to the Board of Directors for approval.
  3. It will supervise the maintenance of the Academy’s accounts and books, audit financial records and reconcile the annual audit of the books by a duly licensed independent public accountant with the financial records and the budget.
  4. The commission shall have the authority to make investment decisions and monitor investment of cash assets for the Academy.
  5. The commission will also be responsible for long range and strategic planning including developing specific plans for consideration of the Board of Directors and monitoring implementation of plans approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. The commission will also be responsible for maintenance of the constitution and bylaws of the Academy, including changes, deletions, modifications and interpretations, and shall also rule on the validity of component chapter constitutions and bylaws.
  7. The president-elect shall chair this commission and the vice president will serve as vice-chair.