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Cost/Quality Transparency Patient Empowerment Program Mini-Grant Application

Through a grant from the NYS Health Foundation, NYSAFP is launching a Cost/Quality Transparency Patient Empowerment Program (CQTP).  We surveyed the NYSAFP membership to determine next steps and how to best meet our members’ needs.


 Some of our findings include:
  • 67% indicated a lack of knowledge about cost resources prevents them and their staff from discussing cost with their patients
  • 59% responded they are not aware that there are online resources and/or transparency tools available for physicians and patients to determine the price of a procedure/service and/or quality information for facilities
  • 62% would like to have patient materials to help better address cost/quality questions from patients
  • 71% want to learn more about cost and quality resources
 As an incentive for early adopters, we have a developed a mini-grant program. Awarded practices will identify and implement protocols and/or projects to facilitate cost and/or quality conversations with patients.  Awardees will test what works, what doesn’t and help identify the best available resources for developing best practices.  
 Practices taking part in the CQTP mini-grant initiative will receive:
  • Patient empowerment tools and resources
  • NYSAFP project support
  • Practice assessment and assistance for successful project implementation
  • Peer support conversations/meetings
  • Mini-grant awards up to $5000
 Projects that receive funding will:
  • Utilize available cost and/or quality resources
  • Increase cost and/or quality provider/patient interactions
  • Submit completed (typed) application by Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • Complete project deliverables within anticipated timeframe - September 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019
 CQTP mini-grantees will work closely with NYSAFP to implement their projects.  NYSAFP will provide ongoing support and resources to aid project execution.  Data collected and lessons learned will contribute to NYSAFP’s development of best practices.  As a result, grantees will agree to the following criteria:
  • Ongoing, periodic meetings with NYSAFP project staff
  • Utilization of NYSAFP data collection and evaluation (pre, interim, post) tools
  • Providing NYSAFP with data that is collected via project evaluations
  • Participation in training opportunities (i.e. tool/resource training, best practices, webinars etc.)
  • Sharing project insights, best practices and lessons learned
 Some mini-grant project ideas may include (but are not limited to):
  • Increasing price transparency for patients: using online resources (websites, “report cards”, databases etc.)
  • Developing point of care conversations regarding cost and/or quality resources and/or referrals (i.e. including an all staff script in practice workflow)
  • Technology Enhancement:
    • Developing and implementing EHR triggers for cost and/or quality conversations/referrals
    • Utilizing iPad/notebook for patients to identify cost and/or quality needs (i.e. post appointment survey)
  • Cost/quality conversation guides for providers
  • Cost/quality resources or guides for patients (handouts, magnets, flyers etc.)
  • Approved professional training/staff development for providers and practice staff.
  • Creating and implementing cues to address cost and/or quality concerns for a specific population or segment of care in the practice (i.e. Rx cost concerns, chronic conditions, referrals etc.)
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