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Call for Winter Weekend Presentations

Call for Winter Weekend Presentations here!
The New York State Academy of Family Physicians is happy to announce Winter Weekend is January 13 - 16, 2022 will be LIVE  in Saratoga Springs.   We are seeking submissions for posters, lectures, workshops. Proposals should be submitted by July 1st.

Through its educational events, NYSAFP strives to provide high-quality education for the family medicine community. In these efforts, NYSAFP works to reflect and raise up the diverse voices that make up family medicine and the communities in which we serve. The following principles reflect our commitment to these efforts and should be an educational opportunity for all speakers and attendees to work together to make our learning more inclusive and equitable to promote the health of all the communities we serve.
  1. Consider  the impact(s) of systems/structures on the health of the public (for example, a patient not taking the correct medicine, could be related to costs, and not patient nonadherence)
  2. Consider all types of relationships as equally valid (avoid heteronormativity)
  3. Use patient/person/community/culture-centered language (for example, state “people who use drugs”, rather than, “drug users
  4. Use the experience of racism when describing risk factors for disease instead of using race as a proxy for biology or genetics.

Speakers will receive free conference registration. 

Submit here!