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Students & Residents Welcome to Attend Lobby Day March 18th Albany

What is it?
An opportunity for NYSAFP members to meet with legislators about key issues.


How can I attend? Register here, its free!

(Need a room, a room block has been reserved at the Renaissance, click here for info; interested in room share, email Kelly@nysafp.org)

Meet up at 8 am Monday morning before the sessions.

What are the key issues we will be discussing?

•Single Payer
•Vaccine Reform
•Removing Non-Medical Exemptions from Childhood Vaccines &
adding Adult Vaccines on NYSIIS


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Colorectal Cancer Screening Webinar

Colorectal Cancer Screening: How to Achieve 80% in Every Community
This webinar will be exploring colorectal cancer screening from several different angles. An esteemed group of medical professionals will be updating our participants about national efforts around colorectal cancer from the perspective of the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable. The webinar will also provide local trends and statistics from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and explore strategies on how we can achieve higher screening rates in NYC to help create a healthier community. The overarching theme of the webinar is the multifaceted approach to CRC awareness, statistics, and implementation strategies in efforts to achieve 80% screening rates and beyond in every community. Our audience is targeted towards those health and medical professionals who are influential among their peers and those with the opportunity to positively affect the decline of this preventable form of cancer. 

Webinar produced by: American Cancer Society, NYSAFP, NYS Health & Hospitals, MetroPlus Health Plan, and NYC Health

Register here


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Office Visit Protocols for your Patients’ 6 Most Prevalent Medical Conditions:

Office Visit Protocols for your Patients’ 6 Most Prevalent  Medical Conditions:

  1. Weight Loss Screening and Counseling: For Doctors  |  For Patients
  2. Tobacco Cessation
  3. Depression Screening and Counseling
  4. General Anxiety Disorder
  5.  Alcohol Abuse Screening and Counseling
  6.  Drug Abuse Screening and Counseling

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