Nominations Welcome for NYSAFP Offices

The NYSAFP Commission on Leadership Development & Nominations seeks candidates for election to NYSAFP offices at the annual Congress of Delegates in June each year.

2016 -2017 Board of Directors

Robert Ostrander, MD

Sarah C. Nosal, MD

Vice President
Marc Price, DO

Barbara Keber, MD

James Mumford, MD

Terms expire 2017
Russell Perry, MD – Board Chair
Robert W. Morrow, MD
Wayne Strouse, MD

Terms expire 2018
Linda Prine, MD
Thomas Molnar, MD
KrisEmily McCrory, MD

Terms expire 2019
Rachelle Brilliant, DO
Sneha Chacko, MD
Scott Hartman, MD

Speaker, Congress of Delegates
Jason Matuszak, MD

Vice Speaker, Congress of Delegates
Andrew Symons, MD

New Physician
Pooja Paunikar, MD

Delegate to AAFP Downstate
Marianne LaBarbera, MD

Alt. Delegate to AAFP Downstate
Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD

Delegate to AAFP Upstate
Andrew Merritt, MD

Alt. Delegate to AAFP Upstate
Marc Price, DO

Delegate MSSNY
Paul Salzberg, MD

Alternate Delegate MSSNY
Jose ‘Jun’ David, MD

Immediate Past President
Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD

Resident Representative Upstate
Jocelyn Young, DO

Alternate Resident Representative Upstate
Utsav Hanspal, MD

Resident Representative Downstate
Rebecca Roach, MD

Alternate Resident Representative Downstate

Student Representative Upstate
Howard Lanney

Alternate Student Representative Upstate

Student Representative Downstate
Cortney Crespo

Alternate Student Representative Downstate
Ben Shuham