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 Atlantic Health Partners Announces Lower Tdap Vaccine Price!

As you know, Atlantic Health Partners, the nation’s leading vaccine buying group, offers our members the lowest prices for Sanofi and Merck vaccines.  We wanted to share with you that Atlantic has obtained an even lower Tdap vaccine price for Sanofi’s Adacel.  This is especially timely given the recent ACIP expanded indications for Tdap vaccine along with the pertussis outbreak in several states. 

Atlantic works with Sanofi Pasteur and Merck to provide our members with the lowest prices on their vaccines, including Sanofi’s Fluzone.  Sanofi is still accepting pre-book orders, and you will get Atlantic’s contract pricing for their Fluzone and High Dose Fluzone (which is reimbursed by Medicare).

Additional benefits offered by Atlantic:
  • Lowest pricing and terms for Fluzone and Flumist
  • Medical supply discount program
  • Office and business supply discounts
  • Discounted patient recall program
Jeff Winokur and Cindy Berenson are the primary contact persons at Atlantic, and we encourage you to contact them at 800-741-2044 or at  for more information and details about how your practice can benefit from participation.  
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