Tochi Iroku-Malize for AAFP Board

The American Academy of Family Physician's Congress (COD) elects new officers to serve on the Board of Directors for the following 12 months. COD will take place October 8-10, 2018 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans, LA. 
AAFP members can view Dr. Iroku-Malize informartion here

I chose family Medicine because I wanted to be able to care for anybody anywhere at anytime. One of my passions is global health and with the number of disasters that have affected our communities here in the US, my role as an educator and global health family Physician has helped me frame the discussion and the opportunities to assist our citizens in crisis.
There are those who say we should stop focusing on methods to make physicians resilient to burnout and focus on the root cause. To be frank, I believe that both need to happen in parallel. It will take time to address and fix the root causes of burnout, and in the meantime we need to find a way to prep our docs to be prepared when it comes knocking at their door. Or when they finally realize it’s already come in without an invitation.

There is no future without family medicine residents graduating into our specialty. There are no residents without medical students feeling compelled to train in our specialty.
Our job as keepers of the specialty is to ensure we have the resources available to support both students and residents in pursuing our noble profession.

Believing that what I do does make a difference even if it is for just one person at a time.
Believing in the talents of those who are around me and are coming after me.
Believing that my current state is just a part of a long road to destiny- setbacks are the norm, and I don’t need to get the credit for work done.
Believing that where I am is not the ceiling - strive daily to make it better for others.


“Family Medicine – You’ve Got This”
The first toy I remember asking for was a Fisher Price doctor’s kit because I always wanted to be a doctor.  After years of studying, living and working in various parts of the world, I am a family physician. I chose the specialty that could prepare me to care of any patient, anytime, anywhere. I chose the specialty organization that could nurture my calling.
I am humbled to be a candidate for the 2018 AAFP Board of Directors as I have been active with the academy since residency. I began as resident chapter president of the NYSAFP and delegate to the NCFMRS. Eventually I served as NYSAFP president and alternate delegate to the AAFP COD while serving on commissions both in my state and nationally as well as participating annually in the AAFP Leadership Conference and Family Medicine Advocacy Summit.
Having experienced various positions over the decades, I understand the issues. I’ve worked as a solo practitioner, director of a hospitalist program, residency program and now chair of family medicine for a medical school and integrated health system. I can relate to the complexities faced by family physicians in clinical, administrative, research and academic environments.
I have developed and implemented projects affecting patients, peers and communities. I believe I was able to do this because the very nature of our specialty trains us to be able to navigate complex systems and to deliver on better quality that is cost effective, to be leaders when called to serve, and to adapt to changing environments. Advocating for our specialty, ourselves, patients and communities influences and positively affects our health care system. This will lead to a time when the norm is to get eager calls from subspecialty colleagues requesting we mentor their children who want to join our specialty.
My goal is to help get us there. To use my knowledge and experience, coupled with the wisdom of our collective body, to further the mission of the AAFP so that we can care for any patient, anytime, anywhere. Family Medicine – you’ve got this.